Nederlandse Astronomenclub

The Nederlandse Astronomenclub is the professional society for astronomers in The Netherlands and Belgium. The NAC aims to promote the study of astronomy. To that end, the NAC stimulates education in astronomy at primary and high schools, and organizes the annual Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie. Official website

Willem de Graaffprijs

The Willem de Graaffprijs is granted every 3 years to a professional astronomer or space researcher, who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the popularisation of astronomy and/or space research.
In 2007 the prize was awarded to prof. dr. John Heise, in 2010 to prof. dr. Vincent Icke, in 2013 to prof. dr. Peter Barthel, in 2016 to Dr. Joeri van Leeuwen and in 2019 to dr. Sera Markoff.
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Pastoor Schmeitsprijs

The Pastoor Schmeitsprijs is awarded every three years by the association “Pastoor Schmeitsprijs voor Sterrekunde” (founded in 1978) with the aim of stimulating the study of astronomy, through awarding astronomers with great merit.
The prize is awarded to astronomers with the Dutch nationality or inhabiting the Netherlands, with an outstanding astronomical publication in the last five years and is connected to a sum of 1500 euros.
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