Poster Abstract

P.17 Danté Hewitt (Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy)

Hundreds of Bursts from FRB121102

FRB121102 is the first fast radio burst (FRB) from which repeating bursts were detected and one of the best-studied FRBs to date, with a milli-arcsecond localization as well as potential periodicity. We report on the detection and analysis of more than 350 bursts from FRB121102 using the Arecibo telescope, and the supervised machine learning algorithm FETCH. The observations total approximately 20 hours spanned over 15 days from August to October of 2016. The bursts have varying widths, bandwidths and energies and exhibit a range of morphologies. We find that the energy distribution, which has previously been described by a power-law, is likely more complicated and there is some evidence for two potential groups of bursts from FRB121102. The higher energy bursts (E_iso > 3x10^38 erg) have larger bandwidths and widths that are narrower than expected, much like one-off FRBs. We will present these new findings in the context of what we know about other repeating and non-repeating FRBs, and will comment on how such observations can distinguish between them.