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NOVA Webcast JWST and MIRI

You are cordially invited to connect to the third edition of the NOVA webcast, where we would like to update you on the latest NOVA news and developments. The host of the NOVA webcast is our NOVA communication officer Marieke Baan.

This time the Webcast will be all about the JWST.
Ewine van Dishoeck and Ramon Navarro will be talking about resp. the science and the instrumentation of MIRI.

There will be opportunity to ask questions at different points in the programme.
The webcast will take place through NAC 2021 ZOOM.
Please mark your agenda’s:

Thursday, May 20 at 17.00 (at the first day of the NAC)

spread the word and stay tuned!

With kind regards,

The NOVA office & directorate.