Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O0.6) Paul Groot (Radboud/UCT/SAAO)

Science results from the MeerLICHT wide-field telescope

The MeerLICHT telescope is built by NOVA in partnership with institutes in NL, ZA and the UK and is installed at the SAAO Sutherland station. MeerLICHT is a wide-field optical telescope that covers 2.7 square degrees in one single shot at high resolution (0.5"/pix). MeerLICHT is the prototype of the BlackGEM array, installed at ESO La Silla. MeerLICHT has been in continuous operation since late 2018, and has linked with the MeerKAT radio telescope since October 2020. In this talk I will overview the science programs conducted with MeerLICHT, the simultaneous MeerLICHT - MeerKAT observations and the transient program conducted with the facility.