Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O0.10) Violeta Gamez Rosas (Leiden Observatory)

NGC 1068 MATISSE imaging and thermal map of the dust close to the AGN

In the unification theory of AGNs the concept of the “torus” plays a crucial role to discern between Type-1 and Type-2 AGNs. Despite multiple observations indicating its existence, its true nature remains a mystery. MATISSE, the second generation mid-infrared spectro-interferometer at the VLTI, incorporates high spatial resolution and high sensitivity with a wide spectral range in the MIR and the availability of closure phases. This makes possible a more complete analysis of the warm and hot dust in astronomical sources. In this talk I will present the first image reconstructions of the most central dusty structures of NGC 1068, across the L, M and N bands, and the thermal map derived through Gaussian modelling. We find that the dust must be composed by Mg rich olivines with iron, and possibly some carbon grains. We also find evidence of a geometrically and optically thick structure obscuring the AGN, however, its peculiar morphology and its high degree of asymmetry points to a very complex system that challenges our current understanding of “the torus”.